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Hi Everyone,

I found the sentence "Avant de t'en aller ce soir" in the song "Viens m'embrasser"

"Avant de t'en aller ce soir" conveys the meaning that "Before you leave me tonight"

To convey the same meaning, I would like to use the word "quitter" by two sentences

1. Avant de quitter moi ce soir

2. Avant de te je quitte

Are two sentences in correct grammar? and do they convey the same meaning with "Avant de t'en aller ce soir"?

I searched but I found "avant que je te quitte" 

So, please help me verify them!

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1. avant de me quitter ce soir  (before leaving me tonight)

2. avant de tu me quitte (before you leave me tonight)

2. should be "Avant que tu me quittes ce soir."

Oui, oui. C'est correct.


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