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I read it in a book saying that there could be only one Verb conjugated in a a French sentence.

"Je vous ai vu hier"

What if I want to say something like, "When I'm going, I'll kiss you"

Is it, " Quand je vais, je tu baisserai"  ?

Is it? Can someone please explain this rule in the French Language?

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There's no such rule. Just ignore it and you'll be fine :)

But I wonder if by any chance you're mis-remembering some other rule?

That said, by accident in this particular case I think something like "Je t'embrasserai avant de partir" would be more common in French, where you do indeed only have one conjugated verb. But not really because of any rule like the one you mention.

("baisser", with two s's, means "to lower"; "un baiser" means "a kiss", with one 's', but the verb is "donner un bisou" or "embrasser")

Oui, and baiser, I learned from an embarrassing experience, has a sexual meaning. I wouldn't use it unless that's what I am trying to put across. Kiss is embrasser.

Je t'embrasserai

Je te baiserai


That's funny.

@ Neil, Merci beaucoup

While it's true that there is no such rule, you can make a difference between a phrase simple, with only one conjugation (like Je mange de la salade), and a phrase complexe, with several conjugated verbs (like Je mange de la salade mais je n'ai pas faim).

Thank You for the support Christine. That helps a lot.

According to that, I think that this is also correct.

Je visiterai mes parents quand j'ai temps libre



Almost! ;-) Both verbs should be conjugated in the future tense in this sentence:

Je visiterai mes parents quand j'aurai du temps libre.

But you've got the principle right.

Non, on visite une ville, ou un lieux.

On rend visite à une personne.

Je rendrai visite à mes parents quand j'aurai du temps libre...

C'est juste... Mais familièrement, c'est tout à fait accepté.


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