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is this heard?  here is the one sentence I have.  I don't see any distinction between guetter and attendre.  

Elle guette l'arrivée du facteur tous les matins.      

She looks out for the postman every morning.  

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Yes it's used ans heard.

guetter = attendre

but with more attention, with an important waiting, with impatience, when we scan the road behind the windows.

attendre = I am at home, waiting, doing something else... I stay at home (à attendre) because I know he will come.

guetter = I am at home, looking behind the window. when he will arrive, I'll see him immediatly and when he will ring at the door, I will be just behind the door to open the door.

terrific illustration.  very helpful.  

i also had this below: 

À ce rythme, la faillite le guette. 

If he goes on like this he's in danger of going bankrupt.  

la famine guette and i imagine u could say la guerre guette 

La faillite le guette.

La famine guette.

la faim guette.

la mort guette.

la maladie guette.

Mais pas la guerre... la guerre couve

I don't know why. But...

la faillite, la famine, la faim, la mort : il est possible de "personnifier" ces notions. (figure grammaticale "la personnification".)

you know this picture

it's the best picture for "guetter" in this meaning.


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