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There is a simple pattern in English to express a sustained action in the future:

I will be taking meals in the hotel the whole week.
She will be seeing her family in July.
He will be speaking to the class this afternoon.

In French, for the same purpose, you have to treat each verb differently, true?
What would be some good ways to say the above?

Appreciate your thoughts.

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I think that in French you would normally  just use the ordinary future tense and  rely on the context to show  the continuity or otherwise of the  what is going on.  

There is the expressions "aller être en train de...faire" or ,similarly "Je serai en train de....faire" which would  demonstrate  continuity in the future  more obviously  but  I think you would be unlikely  to need to make this  distinction very often.

There is also ,of course the "je vais ....faire" expression instead of the simple "je ferai"  expression but I don't see much difference between the two in the sense that you are asking about. 

There may well be other expressions I don't know about though....


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