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i everyone. i am trying to translate a quote for a tattoo i am getting...

everything happens for a reason.

from what i know in french i would read this as tout arrive pour une raison - is this correct? when i type it into a translator i am getting this as well as ...

tout se produit pour une raison


tout se passe pour une raison

also... is there another way to say it without raison?


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You can also said in french: "Tout arrive pour quelque chose" if you don't want use the word "raison".

But I think the best translation is: "Rien n'arrive sans raison". You should translate this by: "Nothing happens without reason". If you want absolutely keep your origin sentence, your first translation is good.

I'd go with "Il y a une raison pour toute chose" or "Rien n'arrive par hasard" as an alternative to your last translation.


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