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the dictionary has it as an event and has the sentence:

"Les faits survenus le mois dernier a geneve"

i would merely use "evenement", but will i hear "fait"?  (i know "fait divers")  Tx

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I don't understand the question.

Evènement = fait important pour quelqu'un. 

in english, an event is always something planned that a lot of people will go to and there was probably an attempt to make it attractive, so it's always important.  but if u're going to a wedding or some celebration, u won't say "i'm going to an event."  u'd say "a wedding" or "a family reunion", etc.  it used to b that a "caterer" would take care of the food, decorations, etc., but now u hear about "event planners" who arrange everything.     

there's no equivalent use of the word "fait" in this sense.   u won't say "i have a fact to go to."  "event" is also used in the expression "current events" which is merely used in schools when the teacher says the class is going to discuss the news or maybe current social trends.


it would clarify things if u would use an example of "un fait" that is not important, that does not warrant the use of "evenement."  


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