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when u speak about a person's schedule, do u use "emploi du temps" or "programme"?  the dictionary has "un emploi du temps charge'" for "a busy schedule."  how do people say "i'll have to look at my schedule" or "what's ur schedule for next week?"  Tx  

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we say "emploi du temps" to speak about schedule of someone. For exemple students. Les étudiants ont un emploi du temps chargé. We use " planning" too.

"le programme est chargé" is used to say that the day will be full related to the schedule.

so how do u say "let me look at my schedule for next week?"  is it "mon emploi du temps"?


"Laisse moi regarder mon emploi du temps de la semaine prochaine."

but now we hear very often "planning" : "Laisse moi regarder mon planning de la semaine prochaine"

If you want to speak about the content of the schedule but not about the structure of the schedule, you say "Laisse moi regarder le programme de la semaine prochaine".

Some people say this sentence for the schedule by extension.

the english creeping in makes things easier and is often faster, but on the other hand, i lament the erosion of the most beautiful language.  

Yes, the reason is we have a lot of software and planner in original english version. So words go into our lifes. It's worse for me, I work for the french branch of an american company. A lot of texts are in english.


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