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i saw this: 

des amendes pour non-respect du confinement ont été dressées.  

i think dresser means to give a fine.  so i don't understand its use in the sentence since it begins stating an amende. 

the dictionary gives other uses of dresser.  i'd appreciate ur telling me what uses are common.  

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"Dresser" is heard in France for the next uses :

"dresser la tête" 

"tenir sa tête droite" is prefered.

= to have his head high and straight.

Attention, there is "dresser SUR la tête" for exemple  "mes cheveux se dressent sur ma tête" which isn't the same meaning and means that I am so afraid that my hairs are erected on my head.


"Dresser l'oreille" = to hear something with attention

"dresser un objet" : une tente ou un mât

= to put up.

"Dresser la tente" is really common.

"Dresser la table" = to lay the table

is common too. "Mettre la table" is more used.

"Dresser un chien"

Dresser = training a dog to have some discipline.

really very common.

It's used for a child with a pejorative idea about method and people who do that. Is used too, to say that someone has some learning method too rude and not natural.

"dresser une contravention"

"dresser un procés verbal"

"dresser une carte"

"dresser le bilan", "dresser l'inventaire"

"dresser" here is like "write with attention". 

It's the 5 principal words used with "dresser" and this meaning, I think.


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