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i looked up the verb and found this example.  

Coach Patterson ne le laissera pas concourir sans.  

at first i thought the coach wouldn't allow "him" to compete w/o "it" and thought there needed to be an "en" before the verb.  but i guess if that were, in fact, the sentence, it would use "lui".  is this sentence saying the coach wouldn't allow competition w/o "it?"  how would you say "the coach wouldn't allow him to compete w/o it"?  hope this isn't confusing.  merci d'avance


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Hi Alan

Sorry, I don't understand why you want to use « en » in this sentence. Maybe also that I don't understand the deep sense of your question. In fact, this sentence don't needs « en » but surely not according to your question.

In French this sentence is absolutely correct, but, it is surely a second part of a long sentence.

For instance :

""George a besoin de s'entrainer. Donc, Coach Patterson ne le laissera pas concourir sans."

[ George needs to train. So, Coach Patterson will not let him to compete without training. ]

Even if I am French, I don't see how to use « en » somewhere in this sentence.

On the contrary, I can undertand that the word « sans » without a following can seem a bit strange.  ( and it's exactly this word who makes me think that a first sentence part is missing... )

If my explaination is not enough, don't hesitate to ask again ;-)

See you soon.


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