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Salut à tous,

Savez-vous où je peux trouver des dialogues en français pour amérliorer ma conversation en  français ?  

Merci d'avance !

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It is a good question  but unfortunately I do not have a good  answer. Perhaps someone else will have a better idea.

I've also looking for something like that, I ended up finding , it's a learning site based on animated short video scenes in French. I find them funny and easy to understand.  There are also practice videos to help us understand and practice the dialogues.  It's a nice tool for learning speaking skills (there is no written material).  The website is free but signup is required (but fast). 

It looks interesting. The first 10 lessons are free. I cannot see how much it would cost to continue after that....

I expect it would not be too expensive but it does not say.

Edit: I see the website is very new and perhaps the eventual payment for extra lessons is not an issue  for now...

Not sure about future paid lessons either . Guess I'll start with the free lessons and see what happens next.  There was a new lesson published this week


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