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they pretty much mean the same thing.  for now, i think i can use them interchangeably.  

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use "entrainer" as a common way to say that something happened because of one or many actions.

and use "déclencher" if what happened is sudden or very important or independent or change the future. As a war, a vascular accident, a birth ....

i think the only sentence i have of the former is that un mariage entraine b.c. dépenses.  impliquer would seem to work.  whereas i've seen far more sentencese using déclencher and it seems more active -- "setting off "something. 

there were 2 entries when i began the other day, that u didn't do.  i'd like u to address them before i add new things.  do u want me to correct ur english?  i'm hoping u do this cuz it's ur way of using english.  i don't know.  but i want to make it worh while for u.  


For my job I have to use english, I work in a french branch of an american compagny, of a very known american compagny.

And I have to understand and heard english to work with native english co-workers (canadians). When I began, I wasn't very young,  my english was bad, very bad. It was so difficult (sometimes in meeting i understood 1%) .  So I watched movies, I read books, .... and now, I have a better understanding.

But after that, the difficult was to reply in english. I don't have automatic words and sentences. I thought if I read and read and read, I will be more fluent, but no ! I have to write to progress.

So I made myself reply in forum like here.

The next step will be to speak.

So yes If you correct, it will be appreciate. Thank you Alan. But I can't promess I will apply immediatly. I saw I need a lot of time to progress.

i definitely don't need an immediate reply.  and i, too, won't respond w/in the day most likely.  

a well-known company

understand and hear 

"my english was bad."  bad is fine, but poor is better.  i especially prefer poorly to badly.  

sometimes in meeting.  in a meeting or in meetings

i have a better understanding.  i think the only time i use the word "understanding" is to say "my understanding was that u were going to take care of it by thurs."  or less often, u might speak of ur understanding of a subject matter.  but re a language, just say  "i understand more." 

difficult is only an adj.  so the difficult thing was to

so i decided to reply in forums. 

so yes, if u correct my mistakes, it will b appreciated. 

reply not apply.  i'm sure u know that.  apply is apply for a job.   



"apply" I wanted to say, "used" or "following" not "reply"

"appliquer" en français dans un sens "apprentissage" = listen and used.

thank you.

changes the future.  missing "s" in ur 1st response


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