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Was looking for some help with the correct translation of "my heart is my own" would "mon coeur est le mien" be accurate? Or would it be "mon coeur est la mienne" and it is in relation to a female? Or is there a more accurate translation I'm not thinking of? 

Thanks in advance! 

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Yes it is "le mien" as the adjective has to agree with the noun it refers to and not to the owner.

You might also say,perhaps "Mon coeur est a moi" as an alternative.

what  does "my heart is my own" mean  ? and when do you say that ? what is the context ?

Because I don't have an idea of a sentence with "mon coeur est le mien". "mon coeur est à moi" is better but it's the same thing.

"My heart is my own" may  mean something along the lines of "My feelings are private".

We say of some people that they "wear their heart on their sleeve" ; ie they do not try to conceal their true feelings (maybe they are impulsive,I am not sure ; maybe they are just naturally honest or have learned to understand that if they give a little of themselves to others they will  not have done it for nothing )

it's an expression ? so difficult to translate expressions. ....

"mon coeur est mien"  would be the closer expression in a translation word by word. But the meaning would be slightly different. It may mean something like i make my own choices myself without you have to say something. But it's for my choices in love or friendship. 

The whole feeling in french is not translated by "coeur". "coeur" is usually for "love" , "friendship" or "braverly"  but not for "hate".

Actually I don't think it is an expression .It feels to me  more like an invented expression and would not be used in everyday speech.

Perhaps I can imagine a context where one parent says to the other of a son or daughter choosing a marriage partner against the wishes of the family.

They may see that he or she is making a bad choice but they cannot stand in the way.

"Her heart is her own"

A bit melodramatic perhaps.

In this situation we may translate by something like "son coeur lui appartient".

"mon coeur m'appartient" = I do what I want with my feelings without someone may say something.


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