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1] Je le connais.

2] Je lui connais.

I know him.

   What is the correct one?

How do you say ' I know about him'?
I know the words 'sur' and 'environ' generally means 'about'.

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Hi Michael,

Oui, j'en ai entendu parler
Oui, j'ai entendu parler de lui

are perfectly correct.

Oui, je lui ai entendu parler.

is not. de sb/sth always implies the en pronoun.
Thankyou for your response to my question about lui with the entendre parler construction. I have done some reading and I think that I understand your answer now. Some verbs (like parler) just require the "de + stressed pronoun" rather than the typical indirect object. If, with this subset of special verbs, one wants to replace the stressed pronoun, the replacement is with "en." So "J'ai entendu parler de eux" would become "J'en ai entendu parler???"
And how do you say, 'I know all about him', which has a negative and knowing sense? 'Yes, I know all about him' - nothing good.


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