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If I want to tell someone to come here (like a child), do I say:

tu arrives ici !


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Viens ici!  "Arriver" has more to do with an idea of arrival.  Venir = to come.

P. S.  If you want to soften the command you can  always put it into a regular sentence, "tu veins ici a mammon, mon petit" (You come here to Mommy, my little one.)

what about viens-la ? Is that still common?

 "tu veins ici a mammon, mon petit" should read  "tu viens ici a maman, mon petit"

In that case, "viens là" and "viens ici" are similar, you can use both. 

But "tu viens ici a maman, mon petit" isn't correct, in daily speech "viens voir maman" is used really often, and you can put "mon petit", "mon chéri" etc. at the end. 

>>> venir voir quelqu'un or venir vers quelqu'un/quelque chose (generally it's this, but there's some exceptions like "je viens à toi" but it's not common at all, and quite religious "Jesus, je viens à toi" or things like that. You can use "viens à moi" too, but it's not affective, it's an ordrer and it's quite possessive like "you're mine, come to me")

The "venir à ..." is used for "je viens à la fête ce soir" for example.

Merci beaucoup!

I'm glad I found this forum; I am learning a lot of words, but finding the right verbs and putting the words into sentences has been difficult. I appreciate all the help.


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