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For Catholic worship services "la messe"  is used,  but what are the terms for the Protestant, Jewish and Muslim worship services?  Un grand merci pour votre aide.

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I know that the Protestant one is l'office!

Merci!!  How is it used?  ie Le dimanche, l'office est a 10h. ?

Je vous en prie!  Yes, I think that would be right - I just remember the term  from a long time ago when we had a house in France.  I've never come across anyone Jewish or Muslim in rural France so never needed to know those terms.  I expect  someone on here will know!   Jackie

I think there's a cultural problem.  Muslims don't hold "services".  They are required to pray together, especially on Fridays.  A sermon is preached.  I don't know what the correct word is for these gatherings, whether in English or in French.  Perhaps "prayer meeting" or "réunion de prière".  In English, "service" would no doubt be understood, as would "office" in French.   In Judaism, much the same applies to Sabbath gatherings.  See a href="">>; where "office" is used. 


Anyway, the initial premise is wrong.  Michele Morin says:  "For Catholic worship services "la messe"  is used".  Only (fairly obviously) if it is a mass.  Anything else is a service, or office or (Fr) office. 

Merci, Jean.

For the Protestant one, we also use "le culte", i.e. "le culte est à 10h".


You need to know in Islam there are 5 prayers a day.  the Friday prayer is called "la prière du vendredi" or aljoumou'a.

Other prayers are called by their names: the morning prayer: sohbr or prière du matin:  noon prayer: Dhor or prière du midi: after noon prayer : Asr or la prière de l'après midi: prayer of lying: Maghrib or prière du couché du soleil: the night prayer:' Isha or prière de la nuit.

Conclusion: there are two ways to specify the names of the prayers, either the Arabic name which is the most common, or the name by the position of the time during the day: morning prayer, noon prayer etc ...

Yes - I am aware of the Islamic requirement to pray five times a day.  The question is about how to render "service" in French.  I take this to mean a gathering of people for worship.


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