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If you use the expression 

ce que j'aime c'est + noun or infinitive

 if the noun is plural then i presume you write 

ce que j'aime ce sont les romans?????

also can you say 

ce que j'aime c'est que nous avons plein de livres  ie can this expression be followed equally by que

Many thanks 

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 Yes that is quite correct( both usages) .

In my eyes  the  correct use of "ce sont"  is quite "advanced"  :)

1)Would it be acceptable  then to write

"ce que j'aime, c'est les romans or ce qui m'enerve c'est les profs


Can I also write" ce que j'adore, c'est les maths".  This always confuses me as it is one thing (maths ) but plural, there fore should it be ce sont les maths?

Probably you can   use "c'est" followed by a noun in the plural -in an informal way.

Even so I would be tempted to avoid it  unless I had actually  come across it being used by a French speaker and had  got a feel for it. 

I don't think you will be criticized for sticking with "ce sont" in those cases but if you do come across  the usage you have mentioned than  you can start using it yourself .

Native speakers  may also be helpful to us here. :)


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