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I'm at a loss yet again.  I've come across a word I don't find a translation for.  It could well be Canadien.


It's in the expression

avoir peur d'être bouculé

It's conceivable that it should be bousculé, but I'd like to see if anyone recognizes the word as written.

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no it must be bousculé : to be afraid to be rushed

Besides "rushed," could this be "shoved around" or "crowded"?

"jostled" is how I would think of it.

"bouclé" ?

I think that would mean "emprisoned"

I also though it could be used more loosely to mean you were in a very tight spot but I can't find any examples to back up my recollection.

without context there no way to decide if it means "to be jostled" or "to be rushed"

as "être bousculé" is an idiomatic expression meaning you can't keep up with things like tasks in your job, you lack time to achieve everything.


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