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I just learned this word as "to trick, to fool someone."  Is it actually used or should I just stick with "tromper?"  

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"berner" is used but less than "tromper".  "Berner" could be used in a written paper, a book, a magazine.  In verbal, only if people are using a very good level of the language.

But "berner is more understandable. Because "tromper" has another meaning more used (tromper sa femme/son mari = to have a mistress/a lover without the husband/the wife knows something)

then  'tromper" is less used than "rouler" in verbal language.

For the same meaning you can hear :

Je me suis fait berner

On m'a trompé

Je me suis fait rouler

Je me suis fait avoir

but you have a lot of other possibilities more or less  slang.

Je me suis fait entourlouper (slang)

Je me suis fait escroquer (normpal)

Je me suis fait pigeonner (few slang)

Je me suis fait baiser (crude)

Il m'a embobiné (few slang)

Je me suis fait gruger (slang)

il m'a bidonné (slang)

Berner et tromper (baiser also but cuss word) are both used and have the same meaning


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