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i have these 2 examples: 

Alors comme ca tu t’en vas

Alors comme ca tu vas arreter tes e’tudes?

i'm told the speaker is expressing surprise.  but is there also disapproval, disappointment?

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No no idea of disapproval nor disappointement.

just a way to insist about the news.

then if it's just about being surprised, the expression emphasizes, illustrates, magnifies, amplifies, underlines the surprise.  insist would only work if someone denied the story and u then had to insist that it's true.  

if it's a surprise you are discovering, you just open big eyes and says "tu t'en vas ? c'est vrai ? non... ? c'est pas vrai ??? non mais vraiment ???  tu t'en vas vraiment ???"

but never "alors comme ça tu t'en vas"

"alors comme ça ...."

is not asking immediatly after the surprise.

it's a family party... a sunday lunchtime, with cousins and aunts and uncles ... 

Pierre says loudly "Le mois prochain, je pars travailler en Australie". (his parents know)

what he is saying surprises everyone. They all reply "QUOI ?? tu t'en vas,..." "c'est vrai ????"

But a lot of people want to speak with Pierre about his travel and his new job.

But Patrick, his cousin cant's speak with Pierre.

In the evening, Patrick and Pierre are together, at the same table. Patrick turns to Pierre and says "alors comme ça, tu pars ???"

i got these expressions from patricia w "home language."  but since i'm just trying to get to the point where i can speak w/o frustrating the other person, i won't study expressions that aren't important.  i'm reaching the point where i can find a way to get my idea across even if i don't know or can't remember the best way, and the other person can do the same.  so, i'm not going to bother w this expression for now but it's interesting that u correct patricia.      

1st line - "u just say wide-eyed"


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