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I’m so grateful for chantal's help.  I benefit from it greatly.  On youtube, I find “learning french w elsa” and “inner French” are very helpful. 

Below are some mistakes u made that I’ll correct for u. 


“preciser” is “specify” in English.  please specify what exactly u want me to do.  and there’s precisely.  In the song “getting to know u” in the musical “the king and I” there’s a line “u are precisely my cup of tea.”  u could say “that’s precisely what I meant” but everyone would use “exactly” instead.  Sherlock holmes probably used it and others of that era.  precisely isn’t formal or pretentious.  Re “cup of tea” btw, my mother used it while I never did.  She said a group of people were not “my cup of tea.” 


precisions is details or specifics in english

I really only use it to speak of precision instruments – german products excel in (their) precision. 


“students” is used rather than “pupils”  and “realize” is never used to mean “realiser.”  Realize in english is becoming cognizant of something – “I didn’t realize there’s a train that stops there.”


When u explained “consignes” u said students have them to “realize” an exercise.  I would say perform or do.  the verb “execute” is used in computers to say “yes, I want to perform this function I just indicated.”  U execute a will and an executor is the person in charge of carrying it out or executing it.  but other than this or other financial transactions, execute isn’t really used. 


“it’s very used for a lot of notions.”  Either say it’s used often or frequently or it’s often or frequently used.  Or u can say it’s more common or commonly used. 


I use “notion” only to say “I have a notion that he never left.”  So instead of saying “it’s used for a lot of notions” u should say “it’s used in various or many situations” or “to express various ideas.”


U used “youngs” as a noun.  It doesn’t exist.  “young people” or the young


When we were discussing “parcourir” I taught u “skim” for “parcourir” une letter.  Skim is also used to remove a layer off the top of sth.  When u make chicken soup, u skim the stuff that come to the surface.  Milk used to b regular or skim milk.  Now I think u don’t see that term since u’re given the amount of fat.

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u can also say that someone cheats by taking a small amount of something so they won't b noticed.  they skim a bit off the top.  

Bonne année.

Je vous souhaite à tous une excellente année 2021.

Une année légère et pétillante qui vous permette de réaliser vos rêves et vous apporte la réussite professionnelle et personnelle.

Je comprends relativement bien tout ce qui est écrit en anglais maintenant, même les subtilités. La compréhension à l'oral est aussi bien meilleure depuis que j'écoute des films et des séries.

Mais quand je veux parler ou écrire, je bloque encore souvent, je cherche mes mots. Quand vous le dites, celà me parait tellement évident, mais quand je dois le dire à mon tour, j'ai beaucoup de difficultés à organiser mes phrases.

J'ai en tout cas moins d'appréhensions à parler avec mon client.

Je vous en remercie et je remercie aussi George hunt et les gestionnaires de ce site aussi. 

Thank you very much for your help, It's helpful for me too.


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