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I just learned 3 french verbs to express "change". They are "changer" , "se développer" and "évoluer". Can anyone tell me if there is slight difference of meaning among these three verbs? On my French book, it has an example

Ex:   Ce quartier a beaucoup changé.

On my exercise book, there is a similar sentence and it asks me to choose one from 3 verbs to fill in the blank. However, the answer is "se développer" instead of "changer". Why?

Ex: Les quartiers de la banlieue se sont développés.

Thank you

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I would say that, while "changer" is just about change in a rather basic way, "se développer" is about expansion and "évoluer" is a slow development.

The verb "changer" simply means "to change" whereas the verb "évoluer" can mean to evolve if you are using it in the context of something changing, but a person changing would be the same as "changer." As for "se développer" it actually means to spread, or if talking about the economy it means to grow or expand.

So from grammer aspect, any of 3 verbs applied to below example is correct . Just the meaning is different?

Ex: Les quartiers de la banlieue se sont développés/ a changé/ a evolué


merci beaucoup


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