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Dear all,

I'm looking for a French grammar book. Since there are millions of books, I wanted to ask you. The book I'm looking for must be as follows:


  • There must be detailed explanations (in English) for each single subject
  • There must be at least 100 exercises for each single subject, for exercises I can use a seperate workbook, no matter.


I'll be pleased if you can suggest a good book. Thanks in advance.





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It depends a bit on how "detailed" you want the explanations. I would say check out:


- Ultimate French Review and Practice, which as "medium" level explanations for a range of topics, plus *some* exercises for each.

- Correct your French blunders, which I reviewed a couple of years ago. It has a slightly condensed, "no-nonsense" approach, which means it simplifies a few things, but nontheless covers quite a lot of ground, and again has exercises at the end of each section.


- Hawkins & Towell have written both a French grammar book and an accompanying Practising French Grammar. In this case, you might well end up getting both the grammar book and exercise book, depending on your level. I suppose this approach probably goes into a bit more detail overall than the other two I've mentioned.


If you have a lookon the Amazon pages I think all three have "Look Inside" options so you can see if they look like they might be what you're looking for.


Note that it's rare to get *very* detailed explanations alongside exercises: authors of the more comprehensive grammars tend to assume that the reader has probably "grown out" of grammar exercises by the time they reach that level. Possibly the Hawkins & Towell is as near as you'll get.

Thank you very much Neil. I'm a beginner in French, and try to learn French by myself. At the beginning, I didn't have any problems; but as time goes by, the subjects became so difficult that the book I've been following is nt yet enough anymore. Therefore I'm looking for a detailed grammar book. The level of detail must be high, because I'm a learner and alone in this adventure :-)


Thank a lot. I'll have a look at the books you suggest.


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