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Hi all,

i come upon these sentences. I have check the online translators and both give me different translations.

eg: i have money

should it be j'ai d'argent or j'ai de l'argent

i drink water

should it be je boite de l'eau or je boite d'eau

thanks :))

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sometimes it's "de l'argent" and sometimes it's "d'argent." I tried to find easy rules.

- simple positive form => use "de l'  "

i have money = j'ai de l'argent

i drink water = je bois de l'eau

- simple negative form => use "  d'  "

je n'ai pas d'argent

je ne bois pas d'eau

- if you add a quantity adverb before the name, it is  "d' " :  "j'ai beaucoup d'argent".

- if there is another name before, it's  "d'  " : "j'ai besoin d'argent", "je bois un verre d'eau"

- in a question about the object, it's "d'  " :  "combien d'argent avez vous ?"


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