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I've been learning vocabulary (I think I know a little over 100 words), but I've realised that although I know the words, I find it difficult to use them when talking, are there any good ways to memorise vocabulary and then be able to use it in a sentence?

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"Rote" is almost a code word to trigger derisive reactions. For building vocabulary though, there is nothing better than remembering by heart sentences that contain the words that you want to internalize- sentences from songs, poems, literatures, even straight out of dictionaries. Those memorized things can be used to start conversations too. "Rote" is king.
Thank you.

If you are able to engage in conversations with people ,that is most important.

My approach is to stick with what I know and try to remove any stumbling blocks.

Smile ,use your hands  and  try and use another word if the one you want does not come easily.

Try to find people to talk to who have  a bit of patience (there are all sorts and you can waste your time with people who have no time for you)

Practice will  increase your vocabulary. You may not remember all the particular  words you want but there may be others that you  learn along the way...

Hi Jody-Marie, hi everybody.

I am completely agree with the George's words. ( because I am exactly on this path concerning the English language )

The most important is to be in a talking with someone. And if a word is missing, ce n'est pas grave !... ( it doesn't a matter!... ). Hands are here to help! ^^

There is also the magic sentence, regardless of the language learned : “How do you say it in [ choose the language name that you want ]” ?... ( In French, it's: Comment dites-vous cela en français ? ) I think indeed it's a good way to memorize a new word who can be used promptly. So, it's also a solution to increase possibilities to exchange easier.

Of course, the only condition is to meet a forgiving partner.

Have a good day, et sois la bienvenue sur ce forum consacré à la langue et la culture française.


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