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When the French word"vite" is used as an adverb, the pronounciation is different from that of its adjective form.Will you please write  for me its phonetic form.

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 I thought  , "vite" was only used as an adverb.

However I can see that it can also  be used as an adjective but in an informal way .

I would suppose the pronunciation would be identical. (I am not familiar or comfortable with phonetic forms ,personally)

There is no need to use "vite" as an adjective  -you can use "rapide"  and I am sure there must be other alternatives.

the adjective form is quite old fashioned, just as Georges rightly said we'd rather use the equivalent "rapide"

Valery est de plus en plus incapable d'écouter autrui, son parler est de plus en plus vite et indistinct


However the pronunciation should be the same: /vit/

Thank you

Thank you.


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