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for class we have to do a debate on the algerian war, and my topic of debate is:

"Quel que soit le cercle d’enfer dans lequel nous vivons,je pense que nous
sommes libres de le briser. Et si les gens ne le brisent pas, c’est encore librement qu’ils y restent. De sorte qu’ils se mettent librement en enfer" Sartre, à propos de Huis Clos, 1965. Que pensez-­‐vous de cette affirmation faite par Sartre trois ans seulement après “l’enfer” de l’Algérie?


In order to correctly tackle this question, I must firstly be certain of its sense. Is this question a question about free-will? Does Sartre propose that the conscripted soldiers were there by their own accord, and hence postulates that for that anyone is able to break free of the trauma and pain caused by the war regardless of their situation, stating that those who aren't able to break free from it must choose to willingly remain their by their own volition, just like how they willingly placed themselves in the situation?

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It's all about free-will. The idea expressed here is that you can always choose your fate whatever the situation. It's all about willingness to make things happening or not


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