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There's the proverb: Перед смертью не надышишься.

literally: You can't breathe enough before death.

meaning: There is no way to make up for lost time.

good translation in french: Ce n'est pas la peine de respirerbien avant la mort.

Though it's not so simple. Because I want to interpret the sense: You always want to take one breath more before you die.

Help me plz to construct the phrase in french in that light.

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Hello, I'm native speaker french (sorry for my english) i've don't understood your question clearly but if you translate litterally this sentence : 

You always want to take one breath more before you die

=  Tu veux toujours prendre une respiration de plus avant de mourir.

Bye :)  I hope i can help you

thank you. it hepls.


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