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When speaking to a partner/lover, I'd like to be able to say "You are my sweetest downfall" informally and would appreciate a native translation.  Google translate recommends: "tu es ma plus douce chute" but I'm not sure if it's conveying the correct sentiment.


Also, I have also really loved the posey ring inscribed with "vous et nul autre" = you and no other, but my understanding is that it would be more accurate to say "tu et nul autre."  If I were presenting someone with these words, which would be better to use?


Thank you for any help!

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Forget about Google's translation.

"Tu es mon péché mignon" is good.


Hope this helps.

The other one is Toi et nul autre.
Is there really a french equivalent to "downfall?"  What about "vous etes mon ruine plus douce?"

The correct grammar would be "Tu es ma plus douce ruine". Ruine is feminine, and remember that "vous" is used to speak with someone you want to put at a distance. Between lovers, there is no "vous", except in archaic 19th century romantism.


However, a Frenchman have to prepare to duck if he says to his girlfriend that she's his sweetest ruin : that means, besides his crappy old car and his old house falling into pieces, she's like these objetcs, but sweeter : not exactly a beautiful word of love !

An approaching word with the meaning intended would be faiblesse (weakness).


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