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Looking for the right idiomatic translation of the word describing breaking a tie in a competition.  In English, "tiebreaking" or variants.  In Spanish, "desempatar".  It appears that a slang term might be "jouer la belle", but perhaps there's a more formal accepted term.   Merci.

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you are right

we say usually "faire la belle"

we say : "on fait la belle ?" (usually used in "pétanque", the game with metallic balls, or cards games)

when there is equality in a game played twice, that is the third play to know who win

but "SE faire la belle" means to escape from prison


Definitely the context matters, for instance for a tennis match you can either say "tie-break" or "jeux décisif" , whereas "faire la belle" for instance would be used for a table tennis casual match.

The context is golf.

 ok ,

I'm not familiar with golf I just know that a lot of the vocabulary used is the same than in English

Now "faire la belle" is quite a generic expression that can apply for various contexts and indeed  I 've  found it on a French golf forum so you can say:

"le match, la revanche et la belle" when speaking about golf.


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