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Really basic question but how do you say 1.5 euros in French? Also, what are the former 'centimes'? eg 0.75? How would you say that in French? Thanks :))

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1.5 Euros = un euro et demi

0.75 euro = soixante-quinze eurocents.

Thanks very much Jan! Would 1.25 Euros be un euro et vingt-cinq, or no 'et'?

I have heard "un euro vingt-cinq" on the streets of Paris.  Or "due euros trente", etc.  And if no cents are called for, the word "euro(s)" is even eliminated from amounts answered when euros are implied:

"Combien pour cela?

Cinquant-six, monsieur."

"Eurocents" isn't used, we still say "centimes", but Charles is right as well we tend to drop the "centimes" (or the "euro") anyway (exept when the amount has no full euro in it).

So to me:

1,5€ = "un euro cinquante" or even "un cinquante" but some still say "un euro et cinquante centimes", I've heard all three (the first one being the most common). 

0,75€= "soixante-quinze centimes"


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