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I'm just starting my second year of French at A-Level and I have just been reintroduced to the subjunctive after many years! We have had to translate many sentences from English into French and there's 10 which I am quite clueless upon.

1) I am ashamed that he is not here today (here = là)

2) It is a pity that she can't come with us

3) It is better for him to know it

4) It's time for them to go to school

5) We are happy that the animals have some freedom

6) They were surprised that the shops were closed

7) Her mother is sad that Marie does not do the work

8) I'm really sorry you (vous) have been waiting

9) It is a pity you didn't arrive earlier (you = one lady [vous])

10) It's better for us to stay here


Simple sentences I know but if anyone could help that would be fab!


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Okay thanks to all for the useful comments! I should be spot on with all the help now :)

I'll try 'ici' instead, I was hesitant towards the là too!


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