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I would like suggestions for teaching short basic phrases to a class of 4 people. Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I thought I could teach simple group 1 verbs, such as aimer, adorer and also the irregular verb plaire, introducing direct object pronoun.
Elle me plait. tu me plait.
Je t'aime! Je t'adore!

I have 30 minutes. Manquer would be more of a challenge, but then again it would be a fun thing to include, since French direct object pronouns go before the verb, and this is a really odd thing to anglophones. For example, in english we say I miss you, but in French you say
Tu me manque, which seems odd, it like you are saying you me miss.
Tu me manque! I miss you!
Il me manque, I miss him! Elle me manque, I miss her.
I am thinking about saying the person you miss is close to you, so you say their pronoun/name/nom first.
Does anyone have any way of explaining this to make it simple?

For the writing exercise, the literacy part of the lesson, and also the quiz or evaluation part I would have the students write their own Valentines.
So my lesson would be
3 verbs, aimer, adorer, regular verbs, plaire, irregular verb, and manquer.
The objective would be that the students would be able to conjugate a group one verb, be able to use correctly direct object pronouns and demonstrate that knowledge by writing 2 Valentines.

Or Plan B.

teach être conjugation and a past participle, 

tu es aimé.
This way I can keep the Valentine connection to the lesson for the fun evaluation part.

I can't use any fancy equipment, we have a dry erase board and an old fashioned overhead projector.
Materials would be blank Valentines for the 4 students 
a worksheet to practice conjugations (4)
and an master sheet for the overhead projector, 
with prounouns and verbs conjugated
and dry erase markers to practice on the white board.
I need 2  copies of my lesson plan.

I welcome any suggestions!

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