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It has been many years since I was in France and my vocabulary has not kept up with the modern age of the Internet.

As such I don't know many words to do with social media websites like Facebook or Twitter.

Can anyone help me here -- I'm looking for a way to say "Share my trip".

Partager is the verb that comes to mind, but is this correct in this context? Imagine this line would be on a website under a favourite travel destination, or an itinerary you wanted to post on Facebook.

Would you say "Partagez mon voyage" ?

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In fact, you can see an example of exactly what I want to say on this page -- when you click "share" a little box pops open with "Share this page"; how would you say this in French?

Simply "Partager cette page"

Thanks! So "Share my trip" would be "Partager mon voyage" ?

Shouldn't that be "partagez" with a "z" to keep the command form?  With an "r" it looks like "to share my trip." 

The imperative form ("partagez") would tend to be used when you're directing an actual person. In menu "commands" in software, web sites etc where 'nobody in particular' is being commanded/directed as such, one would tend to use the infinitive.

Good to know; thanks.

I can't explain why but I wouldn't use "Partager mon voyage".
But rather something like "Profiter du (de mon) voyage" or "Voulez-vous profiter du voyage ?".

By the way, "Partager mon voyage" is 100% correct.

P.S. It occurs to me that this would make a good vocab topic for the vocab (French "phrases" section, but in reality there are vocab lists too) section of the web site. I think there's currently an Internet section, but it was compiled a couple of years ago and could surely do with some expansion-- so, any suggestions for words/phrases you'd like to see included?

Also see: :)


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