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Hey everyone!

Just wondering about slang and colloquialisms that you use with friends and family. Any input would be much appreciated! 

Thanks :)

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Young people (and now their parents) use a lot of "verlan" words (verlan is "l'envers" pronounced backwards: reverse > versere).

- C'est chelou > c'est louche (it's strange)

- Un renoi > un noir (a black man)

Sometimes, the process is rather approximate :

- Les keufs > les flics (the cops)

- Un feuj > Un juif (A jew)

There's also in some rare cases, the verlan verlan: the verlan word is again pronounced backwards, an so comes close to it's original form:

- Un rebeu > Un beur > Un arabe

Other frequent verlan words are "véner" (énervé) and "meuf" (femme)...


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