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Hi can anyone help with this one - I am not very up on money terminology!

How would you say 'an account with a short term notice period' (ie one from which you can withdraw your money without having to give them notice far in advance)?

Merci bien...


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The problem is that there isn't any notice period to withdraw your money from an account in France. You just have to inform the bank if you need a lot of cash because they probably won't have enough money in small agencies.

You can may be say, to translate your phrase, un compte à court délai de retrait but it's really not natural (bank terminology is not often natural too).


Erwan -- just one or two banks appear to call it an "avis de retrait de fonds": ""


I would also have suggested "préavis de...", but Googling this doesn't actually seem to be used.


So maaaybe "à court délai d'avis de retrait de fonds", though it does sound a bit long-winded.


Maybe you could also say something like "à court délai de préavis pour les retraits de fonds"?

It seems that these banks are Canadian. That's why I haven't hear it before.



Aaah, that also makes sense. To be honest, it's not that I've really heard the term before either (and I should say I do a number of finance-related translations, but as you say, I don't think it's a particularly common concept in French banking), just that I was doing a search for some likely possibilities!
Thanks both for all the options so far. Would this be true of a savings account too? In England many savings accounts that offer high interest rates have a condition that you give (eg) one month's notice before withdrawing funds, and that is the type of situation being referred to here...
I think that theoretically, in France you can withdraw funds from a saving account without any notice period. But I don't have a lot of experience in this sphere.
Thanks! I used 'faire des retraits de fonds sans preavis' - hope this will work...


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