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My 6 year-old grandson is in his  first year 0f  french immersion . I have bought him 2 french children's books and I would like to write a little note inside each one in  french to encourage him and taht he  enjoys them and are given to him with love from Papa.  Looking forward to some help. Thank You


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Here is a phrase you can use

"Voici un cadeau de ton papa pour t'aider en français" > Here is a gift from your daddy to help you in french



Thank you for your help. It is very appreciative. There is just one clarification. I am his grandfather not his daddy. Could I replace papa with grandpere without affecting the meaning of the sentence? Waiting to hear from you.



Yes, you could replace it with grand-père (there's a hyphen and an accent grave) OR papy (this is more colloquial and means grandpa instead of grandfather [which I think is too formal]).


It won't change the meaning of the sentence in any other way, rest assured. :-)

Since you used "Papa" in your phrase, I assume the books were from his dad. Papa in french means Dad.

But as Charlie said, you can use Papy, or Pépé, or Grand-père (but mainly Papy), without changing anything.


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