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I got couple of questions on pronounciation,

1.  When the name  Edward II  - is the II (the second) pronounce as 'deux'?  Not deuxiéme is it?

2:  Quarante deux délégations y participent -   ( do you pronounce the 'ent' or is it just pronounce as ' participe' without the end bit. ?

3. Does premiers'  has the accent on the last e?

    I see the accent on Le Première but not on the Les premiers  or is it a misprint by the publisher?

4: Je vais m'occupier de toi-  what does this mean? I couldn't figure out.

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1.  Edouard Deux is correct, I believe.

2. No, the -ent is not heard.

3. No accent on premier.

4. It means I'll look after you or possibly I'll be right with you in the context of someone who can't attend you immediately. The reflexive verb s'en occuper (de) means to pay attention to, and I think your phrase really ought to be Je vais m'en occupier de toi.

- There is never an accent on an e if it's followed by a final r

- Stu's answer is incorrect : first, it is s'occuper, not s'occupier. Second, there is not m'en, but simply m'. The meaning he's giving is good, though.

Wait, Ed, 'le premiére' got an accent  and 'les premiers' has go no accent right?  That is to say, the plural of le premiére has no accent is that right?

   I took these two words from the french book that I read and I just want to be sure the plural has no accent on the e.  that is Les premiers.

  So the correct sentence is ' Je vais m'occuper de toi'    is this correct?

yes, it would be 'Je vais m'occuper de toi'.

premier, masculine, has no final -e, and no accent.

première, feminine, has a final -e and accent.


Pluralisation makes no difference to these observations: you add an -s in either case (premiers, premières).

Sorry for the slip there.
It's easy to make mistake. Thanks for your response.


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