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I am trying to develop a classroom strategy for learning numbers, les chiffres. I have seen the game "baja baja, sube sube" (lower lower higher higher)
played by students in a Spanish class. Would "Plus haut and Plus bas" 
work for this? 
Example, the teacher chooses a number and the student guesses which one it is, the teacher gives only the hint, lower or higher. The idea is to have kids writing the numbers, listening to the clues, and speaking the numbers in French.
"Je pense à un chiffre entre un et une centaine.....Devinez-le!
Would this be the right question?
Merci! Pam

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"Je pense à un nombre entre 1 et 100. Devinez-le !"

"Plus !"

"Moins !"

"Beaucoup plus !"

"Un peu moins !"

"Bravooooooooooooooo !"

Merci Frank!!! You always come to the rescue! What would we do without you?


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