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  I had read a french magazine and I believe I understood quite a lot and just to see how much I might have misunderstood please help with some translation here. From the translation I could see how much I really understood.  Much obliged for helping with the translation.

1.  L'électricité est chére, mais il y a très peu de coupures.  Les générateours de nos usines ne servent presque plus:

2. Aviva, l'assureur britannique, fait traiter ses sinistres ici et des firmes de wall street font le back office de leur recherche financière à colombo.

3. La question reste en suspens.

4. Alors, mème si la vie est redevenue normale et si nous saluons le succés du gouvernment dans la défaite du terrorisme, encore faut-il travailler à une meilleure intégration sociale.

5. Le gouvernement affirme mener un grand programme de reconstruction dans le nord du pays.


    Another question is,  does anyone knows of  a website where you could discuss about language not so much about the grammar or verbs or translation though these may be brought into the discussion from time to time but more on other things like philosophy or psychology aspect of the languages.

        I mean a website where more of the linguistic theories and other interesting things on languages.  Like when I discuss the subject of children learning foreign language, they seem to learn fast but these very young children are not really learning langauge, they are very good at imitation. It appears they are learning very well, but if you ask them about the rules on the verbs and grammar they don't understand what you are talking about ( that is child of very young age) They will use the singular third person verb correctly but do not actually know why.  They also have  exceptionally good memory and good imitation on the pronounciation.

         Any such website out there somewhere?

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You're welcome to discuss/ask questions about all aspects of language learning here -- sorry if anyone's given the impression that it has to be restricted to vocab/grammar.


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