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Nous sommes des hommes, non des dieux.

Pas du tout.

I'm unsure of when one would use "non" and when one would use "pas".  Any advice?

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the two forms are possible in a same sentence :

Nous sommes des hommes, pas des dieux

Nous sommes des hommes, non des dieux.

But the second one is stronger to deny.

Thank you, Chantal.

Would it be correct to write "Non du tout"?  Would it mean the same as "Pas du tout"?

No it's not correct.

the correct sentence is "non, pas du tout" or "pas du tout".

But  it's possible (in informal oral language) to hear "non, du tout", with a break between "non" and "du tout".

In fact it's "non, pas du tout" but the word "pas" is not pronounced.


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