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Ok! All you masters out there! I am now working with "Avoir" and, as such, I want to have the pertinent questions I might hear for the answers I am prompted for. I have read about using inversion, intonation or adding "Est-ce que"and interrogative pronouns, so I have come up with several different ways to ask the question I would like to hear. Please let me know which are correct/incorrect and which would be heard or used most commonly by fluent speakers or give me what you think is the better structure if I don't have it. And, as always: "Merci beaucoup" in advance!


1--What do I have?

Qu'est-ce que j'ai?  / J'ai?  /  Qu'ai-je?

2--What do you have? (formal)

Vous avez?  / Qu'est-ce que vous avez? / Vous avez quoi?

3--What do you have? (informal)

Tu as? /   Qu'est-ce que tu as? / Tu as quoi?

4--What do they have?

Qu'est-ce qu'ils ont? /  Ils ont quoi?

5--What do we have?

Qu'est-ce que nous avons? /  Nous avons quoi?

6--What does he (she, it) have?

Qu'at-il? /  Qu'est-ce qu-il a? / il a?

7--The man (woman, boy, girl, child, etc) has?

L'homme a? / L'homme a quoi?

8--These men (woman, etc.) have what? 

 Cet homme ont quoi?


Any responses, critiques and suggestions are greatly appreciated !!  

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In general, you can always use the "Qu'est-ce que" form. It is very correct.

But, you can sometimes ask a question with a sentence structured just as an information, just with a different intonation. You can say "J'ai fait quelque chose de mal?" for "Have I done something wrong?"

Another example : 

"Je vends des fruits

- Vous avez quoi?"

(I sell fruits? - What do you have?)

But this is quite informal so be careful with this.


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