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In my previous question, I asked whether the expression 'à la direction' could mean a

'at that address or place'. The sentence from which this expression comes is the following:

'Un soir, il y a eu un grand bal à la direction; il me fallait donc mettre mon habit noir et y aller.'

The author has been invited to a ball at the mansion of his boss. Does the 'à la direction' mean that the ball is occurring at the house of his boss, which he was discussing in the previous paragraph?

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Generally 'La Direction' means the head of a company, including the CEO and the board. It also refers to the administration, high offices of a company in general.

Considering your quote, the author might be talking about the house of his boss,  as you guessed right, but can also refers to some place where the leaders of the company met for a ball.

I hope that helped.


This sentence is probably ironical: 'grand bal à la direction' sounds like a big reorganisation of the responsibilities or a meeting where the top management is presenting its strategy or a meeting where you have to present to the top management your work (audit report, etc ...)


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