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Just found this sit. It looks fantastic. Where should I start?

I am planning to live in France in about three years and need to be able to talk the language. I love the country and know my very basic French will improve once there. Any  ideas on how best to practice?

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One suggestion would be to monitor French language internet chat. You'll get a feel for really vernacular French, which in my opinion is beneficial (not everyone would agree.)


On IRC, there's EFnet/#paris and #france, IRCnet #france. Unfortunately since the general migration to facebook IRC has been somewhat depopulated and these channels are now low-traffic. I'm sure there are other chat sites.

Thanks Stu

Sounds just the ticket. I'll see if I can find some

You can indeed go on some chats to be familiar with written french (be careful while choosing a chan, not everyone speaks a correct french on those site).

But I also think you should get familiar with oral french. Watch movies (or tv shows, but in my opinion they are very boring), or any kind of videos. I think this is very useful.

Thanks Lauris,

Glad to here this because I've recently been trying to listen to French radio but haven't found a good frequency yet. I'll try videos. thanks again.

As Lauris said, French tv shows are really boring. But you try one, a very short format called Scènes de ménage.

If you watch movies, try with the English subtitles at first and then with the French ones. By this way, you will practice your listening (without being too demotivating).

Here is a (short) list of French national radios. The links point directly to the radio players


Europe 1

France inter

France info


And you can find here all (i think so) French radios.


Do you know where you should live when you will come in France?  The accent change (sometimes a lot) with the regions. It could be more difficult, for a non native speaker, to communicate.

Good luck in your practice.



Thanks Erwa

The links you provided are excellent and should really help me. Thanks a lot.

It's clear from listening that "j'ai besoin  de pratique".

I have often stayed in Roujan  in the languedoc - Roussillan region and will be looking for a place there.

Wherever I travel people seem to speak English. Not so in Roujan.  More opportunity to learn. Hoping to renovate an old building there


I know that area quite well. I'm a big fan of the wines of Cabrieres.
Interesting that you say that Stu, enjoy wine myself, though I must confess I've recently been enjoying the wins of Chile. However, Eric, an American friend, last year opened a brewery in Marcrillan - Le Croix Du Sud. Perhaps you could try it when next you're there.

scène de ménage c'est en mourir de rire  surtout avec "Huguette et reymond  " je ne suis pas sur de l'orthographe .

or you can also get in touch with real French like me and Erwan. I will be happy to help despite my bad English.

Greetings. Do you know if there is a version of "scenes de menage" with french subtitles? it would be wonderful to find it. Thanks

I'm sorry but I think that it'll really be difficult to find some subtitles.

Hi, I am doing DELF B2 in French. My biggest problem is listening comprehension. I understand my professors but when I listen to the french audio files I cannot understand much. I use the website RFI and listen to journal en francaise facile and mots d'actualities. In the DELF A1, A2 and B1 exams I got very less points in listening comprehension. I need help in overcoming this. I want to converse in French on this website which would help me correct my conjugasions also. How can I download French keyboard? 




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