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I joined just a minute ago. On the first page I could see no posts by anyone with a French name.


Is this forum only for non-French people, or are any members native French speakers?

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Hi Steve -- everybody of any nationality are welcome on the forum. There are actually various native French speakers who are members.
Greatest example: I'm a South Korean

Thanks for replying, Neil. It's interesting to find a native French-speaking South Korean, Adam!

I'm thinking about making a compilation of short sentences in English and French, provided that it's economically viable. I'd rather not attempt it myself, as they would be colloquial, like a phrasebook. Although the sentences are very simple, my French is formal, and I'd not want to risk making a mistake.

If anyone would like to help me with this, I'd be glad. Because there'd be slightly more than 100 sentences, I'd not expect the help to be given as a favour. Anybody willing?

Nope. I didn't say that I'm a native speaker of French. I'm just like you. A humble student who is learning French as a second foreign language.
Hello Steve, how do I say? `thanks for the invite to your birthday we would love to come. See you then. Bye for now, Brad`.

I am a native French speaker, and it's true, I've never found any French here... although I'm only here for a few minutes x)


PS : I didn't really understand what you want to do, Steve Avery,  but if you want any help, I'd be glad to help you :)

Thanks for your reply, Kaeleen. I just want to translate about 100 simple sentences into French. They are humorous conversational sentences that are not found in ordinary phrase books.

I haven't written them in English yet, so I can not give any examples. I'd like to know how much I'd have to pay before starting the work.

I'd do this more for fun than for money... How much would you pay this work ?
A bi-lingual speaker would take about 20 seconds to translate each sentence, which would make about 30-40 minutes' work. Would $30 be OK for you?
I think it would rather take me about 40-60 seconds for each sentence... So, $50 would be more suitable, if it doesn't derange you.

That may be uneconomic, Kaeleen, but I think I'll go ahead and compile the sentences, anyway. I may then translate the easy ones myself and send you those I'm uncertain about.

It'll take me a little while, as I'll do it in my spare time. I'll use your 'Send Message' link on your profile when I'm ready.

It's okay for me.


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