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I'm writing another email to a French friend, and want to say to her, "It seems like you have a lot going on" or something to that effect.  Suggestions?

Also, my daughter is doing a project for French class, and wants to mention "video games" (things like Wii, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.), and I don't know how those are referred to in French.  Again, suggestions welcomed!


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"It seems like you have a lot going on" : On dirait qu'il se passe plein de choses pour toi or On dirait que tu as beaucoup de choses en tête. It really depends on the context.

In French "video games" are jeux vidéos.

Thanks very much. The context was my friend describing why their plans are so up in the air for the summer because of changes in jobs, a possible relocation and work being done on their weekend home.  In this case, perhaps the second option you suggested?

Yes, the second proposition sounds good here.

I have a question, are idioms generally formed with "on" as the subject?

It's not compulsory. There ara a lot of idioms without "on".

e.g. "Il m'a posé un lapin" : He stands me up.

Also, "video games" les jeux-vidéos" If I am correct:


je joue aux jeux-vidéos

If you talk about the device (xbox,wii,...) then it's "une console de jeux (vidéos)"


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