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What is the correct way of saying "I am just a bird"?

I'm not sure how to imply the expression of, "just" meaning "simply a bird" in a form of insigificance?


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"Je ne suis pas qu'un oiseau"



Your sentence would mean "I an not just a bird". Take out the pas to get the opposite meaning required here:

  Je ne suis qu'un oiseau.

For emphasis, you can also add "rien": Je ne suis rien qu'un oiseau.

I think "Je suis simplement un oiseau" would work, as well.  Or perhaps "Je suis uniquement un oiseau."

I think "Je suis simplement un oiseau" is what im going for. thank you!

See my post above -- "ne ... que" carries the meaning you need, just without the "pas".


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