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Hello, just joined. I`m English. Pleased to meet you.

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Welcome, Brad!
Haven't seen you a round for a while Frank -- welcome back :-)

Hello Frank, sounds like you went awol.

Hope you had fun. I`m new to this so, if there is a standard of French like absolute beginner then thats me.  With France as my next door neighbour I am ashamed of my own ignorance when it comes to understanding French. I do however mean to change this.

I find it very interesting looking at everyones mail. Some of it very funny. I bet there are some really interesting situations where one is trying to be humorous and the recipient takes it the wrong way. If anyone knows of any famous examples in history,  bring it on ! It would make quite an entertaining read.  

Salut !

(out of context) ?

Brad -- welcome to the group!

Hello Neil, who manages this forum, is it you ? It`s fabulous.

I wish it was around when I was at school. Can`t have everything.

`Cest la vie`.

`Thats life` ? or `Such is life` ?


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