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I am in the middle of translating piece of prose I wrote some time ago and am stuck on the last line which has to have a poetic, or at least elegant, sound to it:

“The connection between them is so fragile it is like gossamer; it is almost spiritual.”

In French would “connexion” or “lien” be better?

For “gossamer” my dictionary gives “ des fils de la Vièrge”, “ arachnidéene” and even " soie d'araignée".

Has anyone any comments as to which would sound best in French to native speakers or can yousuggest alternatives. I am stuck here.


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I can't help you much but I just wonder can you use the word "fil" or "les fils"  to mean "connection" ?

In English "threads" could be substituted for "connections", I think.

That is an excellent idea George ! The translation might then be "Le fil entre eux est si fragile, comme de fils de la Vièrge"

Would you want to repeat "fil"  in the same sentence? I always avoid that if I can  but perhaps I am just pedantic.(it would be "comme des fils" by the way.)

I have a feeling that "entre eux" is pronounced as "entreux" if that makes any diffence.

Also I am  not sure  if you mightn't say something  more like "les fils qui les relient."

I like the repetition of the 'fil' sound - fil, fragile, fils - it makes it very elegant.

I wonder could one say " un fil de la Vierge", after all I mean one strand, not a cobweb full.


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