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Could anyone help me with the equivalent English word for "L'etat-major? Saw it in "Le Monde this morning in connection with the Mali story. Thanks in advance.

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I just looked on google translate and it says "The Military Staff"

That's a bit tricky. Yes, it can mean military staff officers, but it can also mean headquarters. In a non-military context it might mean top executives.

Based on your answers and the context I think I'll translate it as a staff officer. It might not be exact but it is the "equivalent" I think. Thanks for your help fellers. Maybe I should use google translate more, I hadn't thought of that. Again, thank you.  

"Top brass", colloquially.

Thanks Jean. (I'm not sure from your name if you are an English lady whose name rhymes with "clean" or a French gentleman who's name rhymes with "en") but either way your help is appreciated.

Neither, actually.



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