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hello everybody, I am looking for a young girl or boy to talk in english and in french on msn. I am testing the method in italian, and the results are very surprising, so I would like to test it with the english. I hope my proposition will interest someone. You are welcome!
j'aimerais discuter sur msn en anglais et en français pour que chacun puisse apprendre de l'autre, j'espère que cette méthode qui se passe en toute humilité intéressera quelqu'un. Je vous attends!

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Another thing you can do in order to talk to people in a foreign language, is to call restaurants, hotels, support departments, etc. Obviously, native speakers will pick up the phone. Then, feel free to ask about the place, how to get there, prices, etc. And since you're living in France, calls to the US and to most European countries are usually free from a land line.
It's also a great way to listen to different regional accents.
Hello Stella,

I'd be glad to chat with you in English. Since I'm learning English, I was also looking for people to talk to. So it could be wonderful if we could help each other.

And if anyone wants to talk to me in French on IM as well, you're welcome.
Hello everybody

I am looking for a young girl or boy who speaks both English and French on msn. I am testing the method in Italian, and the results are very surprising, so I would like to test it with the English. I hope my proposition will interest someone. You are welcome!

I would write on MSN. I think msn is fine too.

I am looking for a young girl or boy who speaks both English and French on msn.
The above is fine if it is possible to speak to someone on MSN.
I am not sure. I don't use any chatting program. I don't have time for chatting.
Hi I am 15 and speak English and French but want to perfect my French... :)
I volunteer to chat however I am 48 years old. I am interested in learning too, and I was thinking about asking this same thing here on this board! I am a college graduate, and currently going back to college to earn my teaching certificate in French. I earned my French degree in 1984 so I have forgotten a lot. In order to pass the Oral Proficiency Exam most students study abroad in France, however since I am a now a mother I cannot do this. If you are a French speaker and would like to chat with me in English and French I use Yahoo Messenger and MSN or iChat. My interests are cooking, training horses, antique dolls, sewing, gardening, Spanish ( I have worked as translator/ teacher in this language ) crafting and singing. If we chat every day it would definitely help our studies. Any takers? English idioms and slang are no problem, as I have a 13 year old child! Pam
Thank you everybody for your help. And Pamela, it's very kind to accept to help me. I give you my msn adress.
à bientôt!
Stella I will try to sign into MSN and leave you a message. I look forward to chatting with you! Pam
Hello Pamela,

Indeed, chatting this way can definitely help a lot in order to learn, but also to get more self-confidence while speaking.

I don't use MSN much but I use iChat: axey (at)

Looking forward to chatting with you.
Hey Stella, I didn't connect with you yet, I am still hoping to hear from you!
If anyone wishes to video audio chat to practice their English and help me with my French please don't hesitate to post here.
Merci, Pam
Hi Pamela, I want to improve my French using ichat. I'm a musician, with lots of different interests. I'd like to learn some French poetry or drama for fun. Would you be interested in an 'ichat' some time?


Mike Lennon
hello, i'm not Pamela, but I would like to discuss with U, so if you want, use this adress : see you later!
I don't know where Stella lives.
If you live in Europe, you have the access to French TV channels.
I always listen to TV5 and France 2 channels.
Whenever I have time to watch TV, it is one of the French channels.
You can learn a lot by listening to those channels with a dictionary at hand.

I have German, Spanish and Russian channels too.
I have BBC and CNN channels too. It is rare I watch them.

On the other hand, those channels are not free.
You have to pay for each and every channel.
I believe Frank gets them free as he lives in France.


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